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SCR And Fuse And IGBT Module

1.2kV IGBT Module

7th Generation IGBT Module

7th Generation IGBT Module our reputed company proposes is well characterized by high efficiency, high-speed switching at high power and by convenient handling. This kind of module leads to a stable expansion of their various industrial application fields. The proposed module is made up of hi-tech IGBT chips, reverse diodes and other components with approved soldering and engineering technology in line with industry standards. Moreover, 7th Generation IGBT Module is simple to install, great energy efficiency, constant performance, and comes in different models and configurations at marginal prices.

High Power Thyristor

High Power Thyristor we propose is a kind of semiconductor device in which current flow between two different electrodes is triggered by a signal at a 3rd electrode. This new type bi-directional thyristor is ideal to be utilized for resistive load - electric filament incandescent lamp. It is manufactured in 3-terminal and 4-layered, and each layer has alternating P-type or N-type material like key terminals, labelled anode & cathode are across all 4 layers. Further, clients can buy High Power Thyristor at moderate prices.

Bussmann Fuse

We are proposing the best quality Bussmann Fuse, which plays a crucial role in commercial or industrial facilities by providing maximum protection to power systems. Its rejection or physical size features helps prevent replacing a fuse with one from another fuse class. It is great to be utilized in varied applications in to protect furnace blower motors, garage door openers, pumps, power tools, and a lot more. In addition, Bussmann Fuse is compact, light in weight, CE certified, durable, highly efficient, and cost-effective.

Dual Half Bridge IGBT Module